You Love Coffee So Much


The story behind the drawing

It’s April 2020, in Mohammad’s bedroom in Dubai. Mohammad is working from home on his new start up and enjoys making coffee at home. Mohammad’s younger brother Majid, is a first-grade student who always gets excited when he finds out that his older brother Mohammad is about to make coffee in his bedroom.

The moment Majid smells fresh coffee beans out of the bag, he looks at Mohammad smiling while giving a thumbs up, and goes "Mmmmm, smells so nice!!! After grinding the coffee beans, Majid smells the ground coffee, smiles at Mohammad and gives another thumbs up, and goes "Mmmmm, it smells so good!!!"

Majid is always fascinated when Mohammad flips his AeroPress and starts pressing the plunger. He goes "Wowww, it's like magic!!!" while staring into the tube as the coffee goes down into the coffee cup.

Majid gives Mohammad a double thumbs up for the coffee's good smell and asks if he can tastes the coffee. Mohammad tells him that he's too young to be drinking coffee, but Majid keeps on arguing that it's okay for him to drink and tries persuade to have at least one sip.

When Mohammad holds the coffee cup for Majid to take a sip, Majid keeps holding the cup to drink more, and then goes "Mmmm...yummy!!! It tastes so good!!!" 

Mohammad sits at his desk, drinks his coffee, and goes back work. Knowing that Majid enjoys drawing, Mohammad gives Majid a couple of blank A4 papers to draw on.

Within a few minutes, Majid comes back to Mohammad with a drawing he's excited to show. He hands the paper and says, "This is you, going to the coffee shop to buy coffee beans, because you're always drinking coffee, and you love coffee so much." Mohammad is ecstatic at this point and embraces Majid for his lovely drawing. 

Mohammad's start up is called Abakofi, a coffee start up created by someone who loves coffee so much, for people who love coffee so much.


Majid's original drawing